Expanding the World of X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Non-ambient X-ray diffraction (XRD) has become an indispensable technique to understand the influence of temperature, atmosphere or pressure on materials of any kind. Besides its relevance for conducting research, this knowledge is essential for optimizing technical processes and performing quality control in industry.

The focus of an XRD experiment is the sample and this deserves sample stages optimized for the specific application. XRD attachments from Anton Paar ensure a precisely controlled sample environment in terms of temperature, humidity, stress influence, and pressure.

Automatic sample height compensation also guarantees the correct geometrical position of the sample in the X-ray beam throughout the experiment. The use of high- quality materials avoids unwanted chemical reactions between sample and stage components and ensures long lifetimes.

Due to their popularity Anton Paar stages fit to all commercial diffractometers and are fully integrated solutions in their software and hardware for ease of use.

The wide range of Anton Paar’s XRD attachments is best in class to investigate and understand materials’ behavior in ambient and non-ambient environments.

Shape your future with Anton Paar’s XRD attachments cover the following range of specifications:

  • Heating and cooling –190 to +2300 °C
  • Relative humidity (climate chambers) 5 – 95 % r.H. up to 60 °C
  • Variable gas pressure <1.10-4 mbar to 100 bar
  • Reactive and explosive gases
  • Tensile Stress up to 600 N
  • Battery cells for electrical load

Best in performance, best in results - non-ambient attachments by Anton Paar.

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