SWAXS Characterisation of Nanostructures - SAXSpace

Nanostructured samples and materials can be efficiently and reliable characterized using Anton Paar’s SAXSpace small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS) system. Users can obtain the size, shape, and size distribution of nano-sized samples and particle domains with the help of the SAXSpace. The device is ideally suited for the analysis of colloidal, biological (Bio-SAXS), and isotropic samples.

The SAXS/WAXS/BioSAXS system SAXSpace also has a wide selection of accurate and versatile sample stages to meet each SAXS application. Easy handling and automatic alignment facilitate smooth operation. With the unique combination of robust design, short measurement time, and high system uptime, the device not only provides superior SAXS and WAXS results but also ensures high sample throughput. These capabilities make SAXSpace ideally suited to explore nanostructure in various materials, including surfactants, pharmaceuticals, proteins, foods, polymers, and nanoparticles.


Key Features

The key features of the SAXSpace are as follows:

A Small Genius

  • Powerful Primux 3000 X-ray source for ultimate X-ray flux
  • Scatterless beam collimation concept for superior resolution
  • Features such as push-button alignment and auto-detection of sample stages ensures smooth operation
  • The combination of high signal-to-noise ratio and X-ray beam flux ensures quick measurements and very high SWAXS data quality

Outstanding Features

  • Small footprint due to the integration of all system components into a single compact platform
  • TrueFocus – Easy and time-saving alignment can be obtained at the click of a button
  • SmartSAXS – Offers high sample throughput and unlimited experimental opportunities, thanks to dual beam concept TrueSWAXS – Small- and wide-angle scattering measurements can be simultaneously performed at scattering angles up to 60° 2θ

Full Experimental Flexibility

  • High-throughput screening of solid and liquid nanostructured samples
  • StageMaster – Accurate XYZ stage with auto-detection of sample stages
  • Wide choice of sample holders and stages to suit virtually all applications, including temperature-dependent SAXS/WAXS studies and measurements under controlled humidity
  • Optimized design for low-concentrated and weakly scattering samples like biomaterials

Powerful Control and Data Analysis Software

  • SAXSdrive™ – full system control for automated SWAXS experiments
  • SAXSanalysis™ – simple and fast data processing using customizable templates
  • Dedicated software for advanced SAXS data interpretation

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