The Nova series from Anton has been specifically developed to offer operational simplicity and velocity – speed in the unwavering direction of accuracy – throughout the complete analysis process.

The DSA 5000 M consists of four degassing stations and also up to four analysis stations, and thus provides four 5-point BETs in 20 mins, with 2% reproducibility. Users can follow the analysis workflow to learn how Nova offers peerless advantages right from start to finish and sets a new standard in surface area and pore characterization.

600 BET

  • Quickest multi-station BET analyzer available for entry-level budgets
  • All-in-one instrument: Four degassing and two analysis stations
  • Improved short cells and Dewar for BET analysis with less waste
  • User-friendly with pre-loaded profiles and a 10″ touchscreen
  • Reproducibility of 2% with ≥2 m2 complete measurement surface area

800 BET

  • Availability of highest-throughput BET surface area analyzer
  • All-in-one instrument: Four analysis and four degassing stations
  • Four samples available for five-point BETs in just 20 minutes
  • User-friendly with pre-loaded profiles and a 10″ touchscreen
  • Reproducibility is 2% with ≥2 m2 complete measurement surface area


  • Availability of BET surface area, pore size and pore volume analyzer
  • All-in-one instrument: Two analysis and four degassing stations
  • 2 BETs performed in 15 minutes, two isotherms in 6 hours
  • Reproducibility is 2% with ≥2 m2 total measurement surface area
  • User-friendly with pre-loaded profiles and a 10″ touchscreen


  • Greatest-throughput BET surface area, pore size and volume analyzer
  • Four BETs in just 20 minutes, four isotherms in 8 hours
  • All-in-one instrument: Four analysis and four degassing stations
  • User-friendly with pre-loaded profiles and a 10″ touchscreen
  • Reproducibility is 2% with ≥2 m2 complete measurement surface area


Sample Preparation


  • The entire packing is available in one space-saving design
  • Degassing isolated from the analysis: no contamination possible
  • Just one vacuum pump and one set of gas connections are required


  • Degassing is entirely automated. Users can just choose a profile
  • No need for timers or operator intervention
  • Users can set up multiple temperature set points and ramp rates

Fully Capable

  • Vacuum or flow degassing ranges up to 425 °C
  • Users can shift easily between flow and vacuum methods
  • Allows preparation of an extensive range of sample materials


  • Manual input or recording is not required
  • Degassing profile tracked automatically to the sample ID
  • Sample ID tracks weight loss following degassing

Method Selection

20+ Profiles

  • Decreases setup time of instrument
  • Improved speed while guaranteeing conformance
  • ISO, ASTM, USP, ISO techniques included — users can just select and go

Analysis Velocity

Power of 4 + 4

  • Users can examine four samples while concurrently making the next four
  • Highest throughput available in a benchtop system
  • Four multipoint BETs in just 20 minutes; four isotherms in 8 hours


  • TruZone improves analysis sensitivity
  • 2% reproducibility with >2 m2 in the cell
  • Quantify materials down to 0.01 m2 /g. 

Nova Mode

  • Users can make use of Nova mode to achieve their results quicker
  • 4 × 5-point BET outcomes in just 20 minutes
  • Users can operate their Nova completely free of helium

Intelligent Dosing

  • DoseWizard learns from past analyses to improve dose size
  • Users can achieve target pressure rapidly with a particular initial fill
  • VectorDose’s constant dose volumes halve analysis time 

P0 Cell

  • A separate station constantly quantifies saturation pressure
  • It is standard on every Nova model — no need for options
  • It is complete with a steadfast pressure transducer

Results Reporting

In Real-Time

  • Envision the outcomes in real-time on the touchscreen
  • Users can completely control the instrument from the touchscreen
  • Previous results can be uploaded directly on the touchscreen


  • 20+ included report templates for industry standards
  • Users can configure reports for automatic creation following analysis
  • Completely customizable reporting 

Data Reduction

  • Proprietary QSDFT kernels available for carbon characterization
  • 25+ peer-reviewed DFT kernels
  • Identify BET range for microporous materials in an automatic manner

Technical Specifications

Source: Anton Paar GmbH

  Nova 600 BET Nova 800 BET Nova 600 Nova 800
Analysis specifications  
Measurement principle Vacuum Volumetric
Analysis gases Nonly N2, Ar, CO2, and other non-corrosive gases
Analysis stations 2 4 2 4
Independent P0 station Yes
Relative pressure range (P/P0 ) 10-4 to 0.5 10-4 to 0.999
Pressure measurement accuracy 0.1 % (of full scale) *
Pressure resolution Absolute : 1.2 x 10-4
Torr Relative : 1.5 x 10-7 p/p0
Lower specific surface area limit From 0.01 m2/g
Lower absolute surface area limit From 0.5 m2
Surface area reproducibility 2%**
Pore size range N/A 0.35 - 500 nm (Diameter) (0.35 - 1.1 nm only with CO2)
Minimum pore value N/A 1.2x10-8 cm3
Truzone Yes
Powerprotect Yes
Dosewizard Yes
Vectordose Yes
Analysis dewar Volume: 1 L
Duration: Up to 7 Hours
Volume: 2 L
Duration: Up to 40 Hours
Sample preparation Integrated Degassing Stations : 4
Temperature Control: 2 Heating Zones, Ambient to 425 oC
Available Methods: Flow & Vacuum, Programable Multi-Step Heating Profiles
Physical specifications  
Dimensions (DxWxH) 44 cm x 63 cm x 84 cm
Weight 63 kg
Operating environment Temperature : 15 to 35 oC
Humidity : 20 to 80 % relative, non-condensing
Wetted parts Stainless steel, Viton elastomers
Gas Ports: 5 (3 Analysis, 1 Helium, 1 Degas/Backfill)
Purity: 99.999 % (He, N2)
Input Pressure: 8 to 10 PSIG
Vacuum connection Rotary Pump Exhaust Port, KF 16
Vacuum requirements Ultimate vacuum of 2.3 x 10-3 Torr
Electrical Supply : AC 100~240 V AC , 50 / 60 Hz Consumption: 345 VA (Maximum)
Additional specifications  
Display 10-inch Touchscreen
PC connection Ethernet
Kaomi for Nova software Instrument Control: Up to 4 Instruments
6 Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish
Pre-loaded analysis profiles 20+ (ASTM, USP, DIN, ISO)
ROHS 3 compliant Yes
CE certified Yes


*Includes precision, linearity, and hysteresis s of the complete pressure measurement system

**Performed with BAM P115 certified reference material

Nova: Surface Pore and Area Analyzer

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Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Fully capable
20+ profiles
Power of 4 + 4
Nova mode
Intelligent dosing
p₀ cell
In real time
Data reduction

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