MCR 702 MultiDrive – Rheometer

The MCR 702 MultiDrive  is the most versatile rheometer suitable to work in all standard test modes known from a rheometer and ready to be equipped with an additional lower drive unit. This modular concept enables MCR 702 MultiDrive to perform rheological tests with two torque transducers and drive units at once – flexible and precise enough to deliver the results you need. There are no limitations regarding the used test modes, suitable measuring systems, accessories, and temperature devices and also regarding measurement precision. In short, this is the system of choice to cover all possible rheological applications.

Combined Motor Transducer Mode and Separate Motor Transducer Mode in One Device

The combination of two air-bearing-supported rotational drive units enables you to perform rheological measurements in Combined Motor Transducer (CMT) mode and in Separate Motor Transducer (SMT) mode. While other rheometers are limited to one working mode, MCR 702 MultiDrive gives you the choice of all of them.

The Rheometer for Advanced Characterization

Both rotational drives are easily set to move in opposite directions, which can be used e.g. to create a fixed stagnation plane in a sample for advanced structure analysis of materials under shear using the microscope. Additionally, the counter-movement mode simply ‘doubles the score’ – up to a maximum speed difference of 6000 rpm which broadens the shear rate range for high shear applications.

Ready for DMA and More

Instead of a lower rotational drive, an additional lower linear drive can be used to perform DMA in tension, bending, or compression mode using measuring systems such as cylindrical or rectangular fixtures, three-point-bending, cantilever, or parallel plate. Find more information about the DMA capabilities here.

Extensive Accessory Portfolio

MCR 702 MultiDrive is ready to be equipped with any measuring system, temperature device, and/or application-specific accessory known from the Anton Paar MCR series in order to carry out standard and sophisticated rheological analyses of your sample.





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