High-End Rheometer MCR 702 TwinDrive

The MCR 702 TwinDrive from Anton Paar, is an innovative high-end rheometer that combines two powerful synchronous EC motor units in a modular setup to perform rheological tests and deliver accurate results. It is the first rheometer to cover all rheological applications.

Key Features

Technical Highlights

  • TwinDrive technology: Two powerful, synchronous EC motor drives in a modular setup
  • IsoLign Piezo flange: Complete gap control down to 10nm sizes
  • Fully digital instrument using the most modern DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology
  • TruGap™: Novel and patented device for measuring the gap
  • TruRate™: Sample-adaptive controller in rotation and step strain
  • TruStrain™: Fast and precise strain control to improve real-time position control oscillation (DSO)
  • Two high-precision air bearings with two patented normal force sensors
  • Intuitive color display

Ease of Use

  • Toolmaster™: Patented system for automated recognition of TwinDrive motor, measuring systems and accessories
  • Quickfit coupling: Easy, one-hand measuring system for connecting both drive units
  • T-Ready™: Reduced waiting times by identifying and signaling sample temperature equilibration
  • Different measuring systems for a wide range of applications
  • RheoCompass™: User-friendly application software
  • USB connection to computer/software
  • Ethernet connection for remotely controlling the system through the company network

Available Test Modes Employing TwinDrive Technology

  • 2EC mode: Both EC motors function as drive units and torque transducers and they are also used in different test modes
    • counter-rotation
    • separate motor transducer
  • EC mode: Single-motor process as known from the recognized MCR series, integrating the full range of MCR measuring and environmental systems

Wide Range of Accessories

  • Devices for controlling temperature ranging from –160 °C to 1000 °C
  • Unique accessories for DMA and DMTA measurements, magneto- and electrorheology, rheo-optics, UV curing, interfacial rheology, and many other applications


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