MCR Rheometer Series for Complete Rheological Testing

The new range of MCR rheometers is based on the EC motor method and uses low friction bearing and normal force sensor, which have all been upgraded over the years to meet the current demands of rheologists.

Any combination or type of rheological tests in oscillatory and rotational modes can be performed using the MCR rheometers. The system’s modularity allows combining many temperature devices and application-specific accessories.

Key Features

The main features of the MCR rheometers are as follows:

  • Rapid, accurate, and highly reproducible static friction measurements
  • Fully digital instrument with advanced digital signal processing technology
  • High-accuracy air bearing, including normal force sensor
  • Powerful, synchronous EC motor drive
  • TruGap™ - Unique and patented system for measuring the gap
  • TruStrain™ - Rapid and precise strain control due to enhanced real-time position control oscillation
  • T-Ready™ helps to decrease waiting times by detecting and signaling sample temperature equilibration
  • TruRate™ - Sample-adaptive controller in rotation and step strain
  • Smart color display
  • Various MCR models with excellent specifications for several applications
  • Toolmaster™ is a patented system for automatic recognition of measuring system and accessories
  • QuickConnect coupling enables easy, single-hand measuring system connection
  • Broad range of measuring systems for many applications
  • Rheometer software is user-friendly with 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility
  • USB connection to computer/software
  • Ethernet connection for remote control of the instrument via company network
  • Application-specific accessories for rheo-optics, magneto- and electrorheology, DMA and DMTA measurements, UV curing, interfacial rheology, and several other applications.
  • Temperature accessories are in the temperature range of -150 °C to +1000 °C


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