Anton Paar's FloVac Degasser combines two separate sample preparation techniques into a single elegant solution. This stand-alone device has six sample stations, each having individual control valves to help add or remove individual sample cells without interrupting the other samples in the process.

The completely programmable temperature controller (up to 126 ramps, soak and step segments) that can interface to a PC for recording, programming, and graphing offers complete optimization for a wide range of sample types. The FloVac Degasser will offer an almost continuous supply of well-prepared samples for the NOVA, QUADRASORB SI, or AUTOSORB series of surface area and pore size analyzers.

Key Features

The key features of the FloVac Flow Degasser are:

  • As a vacuum degasser, adjustable evacuation rates add convenience and versatility.
  • A selection of fittings is offered to accommodate short and tall glassware as well as three different diameter stems.
  • A digital vacuum/pressure display affords easy checking of the state of outgassing.
  • When used as a flow degasser, needle valves allow careful control of flow rate to avoid elutriation (blowing out) of fine powders. The metal flow tubes for each station provide variable depth insertion into any sample cell.
  • Cooling stations are provided to hold sample cells after sample preparation for rapid and safe cooling.
  • The Flow Degasser is available for laboratories needing only flow degassing capabilities.
  • It features the same individual flow rate control for each sample station, cooling stations, and programmable temperature controller with PC interface.

This product is a former Quantachrome product. On February 9, 2018, Anton Paar acquired Quantachrome. Under the umbrella of the Anton Paar Group, the company will continue operations in Boynton Beach. Quantachrome is the first manufacturing facility in North America run by Anton Paar and will also function as a US-based unit for research, development, and production within the Anton Paar Group.

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