MCR Powder Rheology - Versatile and Accurate Powder Analysis

True powder rheology from Anton Paar provides you with the means for comprehensive characterization of powders. An MCR Rheometer combined with the powder shear cell and the powder flow cell ensures efficient quality control and smooth powder processing. It can also open up numerous possibilities in R & D as it gives you a profound and comprehensive understanding of your powders. Characterization of powder behavior under realistic conditions simulates the storing, handling, or manufacturing process in order to optimize manufacturing parameters and reduce inefficiencies or even lost production batches. The world’s most versatile modular rheometer platform allows measuring not only your powders, but also intermediate and final products in liquid and solid form.

The powder shear cell is ideal for consolidated and cohesive powders: it is easy to determine the flow behavior and the time-dependent behavior e.g. when designing a silo. Designed with your application in mind, the powder shear cell provides you with all means for reliable and reproducible measurements, even for small sample volumes down to 4.3 mL. The powerful software comes with an intuitive user interface for fully automatized measurements, while maintaining full autonomy over all measurement parameters. Additional accessories provide precise control over an extensive temperature (-160 °C to 600 °C) and humidity range (5 %rH to 95 %rH, from 5 °C to 120 °C).

The powder flow cell follows an innovative and scientific approach to powder characterization. It provides a wide range of test methods simulating realistic conditions for powders which are under low loads, aerated, or even fluidized. Its patented dust protection hood (EP 3067684) ensures safe working and protects the operator from potentially hazardous powder. Automated sample preparation modes can be applied for an unrivalled reproducibility of up to 0.5 %.




  • Silo design
  • Flow behavior (e.g. ffc)
  • Time consolidation behavior (caking)
  • Wall friction
  • Bulk density
  • Quality control
  • Filling and dosing – discharge processes
  • Tableting, packaging, and compacting
  • Spray drying, wet granulation, and coating
  • Mixing and blending
  • Conveying (pneumatic, vacuum, chute, screw, and belt)
  • Fluidized bed reactors
  • Raking, doctor blading
  • Impact of flow additives
  • Influence of humidity

Typical Industries

  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Chemical industry, polymer industry
  • Paints, inks, and coatings
  • Building materials
  • Food
  • Additive manufacturing

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