SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ for Kinematic Viscometry

The SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ provides users with more parameters compared to all other existing kinematic viscometers. With a small sample volume and a single measuring cycle, the SVM™ 3001 can measure multiple parameters, including density, kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, viscosity index and more.

Key Features

The key features of the SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ are as follows:

Enables Measurement of Multiple Parameters from a Single Syringe

  • Saybolt viscosity (ASTM D2161)
  • API Grades (ISO 91, API 2540, ASTM D1250, IP 200)
  • Viscosity Index (VI) (ISO 2909, ASTM D2270)
  • Dynamic viscosity (ASTM D7042)
  • Density (EN ISO 12185, ASTM D4052, IP 365)
  • Kinematic viscosity (ASTM D7042, EN 16896, DIN 51659)

Unrivaled Ease of Operation

  • Measurements can be initiated by simply injecting the sample using a syringe
  • Easy and safe handling without breakage or leaks
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used immediately as it is factory-adjusted

Wide Temperature Range from -60°C to +135°C

  • Integrated air cooling down to -20°C
  • Measurements down to -60°C are possible with external cooling (i.e. water/glycol mixture)
  • From jet and diesel fuel to lubricating oil and wax, with one integrated cell without the need for thermostat bath

Reliable Data Handling

  • Up to 1000 measuring results can be stored
  • Allows data export through LIMS, Ethernet, printer or USB
  • Reports can be generated in xls or PDF formats


  • Reduces operating time
  • Compliant with ASTM D4052 prerequisites
  • Real-time monitoring of filling quality of the density cell


The accessories include the Hot Filling Attachment, Magnetic Particle Trap, and Xsample 530 Sample Changer for vials.


The SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ can be used:

  • To certify diesel fuels for both density and kinematic viscosity in accordance with ASTM D975
  • To determine the viscosity and API Degrees of crude oils in the petroleum industry
  • To identify the appropriate time for an oil change
  • To ensure jet fuel quality
  • To measure viscosity of samples with volatile components
  • To quantify viscosity of lubricating oils

More Information

Kinematic Viscometry with the SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™

Lubricating oils, base oils and additives
Fuel oils: from diesel to residual fuel (bunker C)
Low temperature: jet fuel, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids
Oil condition monitoring
Hot Filling Attachment Option
Modular Automation Option

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