Quick Determination of Coating Thickness - Calotest

The Calotest instruments from Anton Paar provide quick, simple and inexpensive determination of coating thicknesses. Employing the simple ball-cratering method, the thickness of any kind of single or multi-layered coating stack is accurately checked in a short time, in full compliance with relevant international standards.

Key Features

  • Easy and accurate evaluation of results
  • Simple but effective spherical abrasion test method
  • Fast method for significant results in 1 to 2 minutes

Three Models

Calotest Compact (CATc)

The CATc is widely used for analyzing coatings with thicknesses between 0.1 μm and 50 μm. Typical measured materials include CVD, PVD, plasma spray coatings, anodic oxidation layers, chemical and galvanic deposits, polymers, paints and lacquers. Flat, spherical or cylindrical samples can be fixed in the sample holder.

Calotest Industrial (CATi)

The CATi measures the thickness of coatings in a typical time of 2 to 5 minutes. In this industrial version the motor is fixed on a hydraulic arm, allowing you to target samples of unlimited size. It is the ideal instrument for quick and precise determination of coating thickness on common industrially coated components.

Calotest Combo (CATcombo)

The CATcombo is the perfect combination for testing both small and relatively large samples with one instrument and output device.

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