The Bioindenter, UNHT³ Bio, is optimized to respond to the requirements of testing soft and biological materials with non-planar surfaces (soft materials down to 1 kPa). Rely on the Bioindenter’s unmatched force and displacement range together with excellent resolution for the most sensitive characterization of elastic modulus, creep and other properties of cartilage, tissues, scaffolds, hydrogels or eye tissues.

Key Features of the Anton Paar Bioindenter™

  • The concept of UNHT³ Bio is based on the successful ultra nanoindentation technology with extended travel range, improved force resolution, and full compatibility of testing in fluids.
  • Easy characterization of time-dependent properties such as creep, flow properties, or poroelasticity are possible.
  • The integrated true force sensor is able to apply a maximum load of up to 20 mN adapted for soft materials. The displacement sensor allows a large travel range of 100 μm.
  • The elastic modulus can also be calculated from the loading part of the indentation curve using the Hertz’s model, which is more appropriate for biological materials.


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