Single and Double Tilt Heating Holders

Gatan’s single and double tilt heating holders are designed for direct monitoring of micro structural phase changes, growth and dissolution processes and nucleation process. They feature a mechanical link between a heater and stage. The link is made up of a material having near zero expansion co-efficient to reduce thermal drift.

A water cooled specimen rod is used to ensure an effective control of specimen holder tip temperature close to the specimen stage temperature. Further, the specialized ceramic furnace supports reduced loss of heat from the furnace to the specimen tip.

Key Features

The main features of the single and double tilt heating holders are:

  • Mechanical link made of materials with near zero coefficient of expansion minimizes thermal drift between heater and stage
  • Water cooled specimen rod ensures effective temperature control of specimen holder tip
  • Specialized ceramic furnace supports can limit heat loss from furnace to specimen tip


The table below provides the specifications of two different models of heating holders.

Model number Maximum temperature1 Furnace Specimen positioning Specimen securing Maximum electrical feedthroughs
628 1300 °C Tantalum or Inconel α Tilt Hexring® mechanism 6
652 1000 °C Tantalum or Inconel α, ß Tilt Hexring mechanism 2 – 62

1Refer to datasheet for temperature maximums when using small pole piece gap holders.
2Optional 2-6 for JEOL UHR, 2 maximum for other EMMs

The specifications of heating and cooling holders are given below.

Model number Operating temperature Specimen positioning Specimen securing Specialized Function Maximum electrical feedthroughs
HC3500 -150 °C to +250 °C α Tilt Clamping ring Heating and cooling 41

1 Electrical connections are included with the holder.

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