Plasma Tool to Remove Hydrocarbon Contamination - Solarus II Plasma Cleaner

As the next-generation plasma tool to eliminate hydrocarbon adulteration from TEM and SEM samples and holders, the Solarus II Plasma Cleaner is ideal for researchers who want to reproducibly remove organic surface contaminants in a safe, effective manner.

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated holder bakeout and storage: lowers tool footprint and cost of ownership
  • Enhanced user interface: Use pre-optimized instructions for consistent results; as well as guided workflows to ensure correct operation when venting and evacuating the chamber
  • Low-power operation (2 W): Gently clean delicate samples (e.g., holey carbon grids); as well as prepare hydrophilic surfaces on carbon grids for cryo-electron microscopy
  • New system, same great performance: Remove hydrocarbons on TEM and SEM samples that may impact analysis

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