ClearView® Scintillator Camera

Introducing ClearView®, the advanced scintillator camera that elevates standard transmission electron microscopy (TEM). With ClearView, capturing impactful in-situ and 4D STEM data is easy, enabling users to achieve framerates that outperform other scintillator cameras on the market. Its innovative imaging modes are tailored for optimal clarity in both materials science and biological samples.


  • Capture images of the best possible quality: With the use of a new CMOS sensor with always-on high dynamic range sensor readouts, 4k×4k images and videos can be captured at 50 frames per second (fps).
  • Record in-situ video and 4D STEM data faster than any other scintillator camera: With 4D STEM, users can collect data at up to 1,600 frames per second at 256×256 resolution to record fast in-situ reactions or swiftly analyze broad areas.
  • Improve signal-to-noise ratio for low-contrast imaging and diffraction: The new enhanced frame exposure imaging mode incorporates less read noise to better resolve subtle image and diffraction features under low-dose situations.
  • Achieve the necessary frame rate and data rate for any procedure or experiment: Adjust the image size and field of view with new sensor subarea region of interest readout settings.
  • Can be combined with eaSI technology to provide the most efficient multidimensional and multimodal experiments: 4D STEM data is collected and matched with elemental data from complementary detectors.

In-situ Option

  • Process data from start to finish in DigitalMicrograph® using tools for drift correction, video editing, and data exporting.
  • Never miss the start of a reaction with LookBack, a post-event triggered video buffer that ensures events are captured from the very beginning. 
  • Image binning increases framerate by 4x, and sensor sub-area readouts increase framerate by up to 8x. 
  • Combine binning with sub-area readout to reach up to 1,600 fps and study sub-ms in-situ reactions.
  • Confidently record long experiments with TimeLapse, which saves data at a longer interval of time or number of frames.

Low Distortion Option

  • Ensures high-resolution, low-distortion images on the TEM for quantitative spatial measurements.
  • Improved fiber-optic coupling and image performance reduce camera distortions.
  • Low camera distortion provides a larger margin for meeting total distortion specifications for routine TEM certification.

Artifact-free selected area electron diffraction of Au particles without beam stop with ClearView.

Artifact-free selected area electron diffraction of Au particles without beam stop with ClearView. Selected area electron diffraction of Au nanoparticles taken with ClearView camera (4k x 4k, 2 second acquisition, 50 fps) and Spectra 300 at 300 kV.  Image Credit: Gatan, Inc.

Large field of view, high resolution imaging of Au particles with ClearView.

Large field of view, high-resolution imaging of Au particles with ClearView. Au nanoparticles, with fast Fourier transform (FFT) showing 0.9 Å resolution information (dashed line). Captured with ClearView camera (4k x 4k, 5 second acquisition, 15 fps) and Spectra 300 at 300 kV. Image Credit: Gatan, Inc. 

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