Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Stages

To better understand electronic and electric materials, cryogenic or temperature-dependent studies are monitored using helium and liquid nitrogen stages.


  • Stabilization of beam-sensitive materials under high beam currents
  • Low-temperature phases can be analyzed
  • Improved spectroscopy and imaging, mainly for cathodoluminescence (CL)

Table No.1: Liquid Helium Cooling Stage

Model # Base
Cool down time Max. operating temp. Tilt Rotate Additional electrical feedthrough option
C1001 -185 °C 10 min 50 °C 45° ±5°
C1002 -185 °C 10 min 200 °C 45° ±5°
C1003 -185 °C 10 min 400 °C 45° ±5°
CF302 6 K 45 min 140 K    
CF302M 8 K 55 min 140 K   ±5°

Table 1. Source: Gatan Inc.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Stages C1001, C1002, C1003

  • Nitrogen gas cools stages to less than −185 °C
  • Straightforward installation/removal permits the utilization of standard SEM stage
  • Quick cool down and stable temperatures are ensured by efficient thermal design
  • Higher upper-temperature options allow more flexibility in experiments
  • Vibration due to boiling of LN2 is removed by the external liquid nitrogen heat exchanger
  • High-precision control through temperature sensor and integral heater 

Liquid Helium Cooling Stages CF302, CF302M

  • CF302M — a helium-cooled stage module — attaches to the SEM goniometer and requires more care than the CF302
  • Complete replacement SEM stage and door assembly with X, Y, and Z axis manual micrometers
  • Exclusively engineered vibration and low drift, while reducing the consumption of liquid helium
  • Depending on the configuration and intended use, an optional radiation shield can be included
  • Complete system includes top fitting with bladder and valve, flexible transfer tube storage vessel, gas flow pump, gas flow controller, and digital temperature controller 


Dual Fuel Option

  • Works by forcing cold nitrogen gas through the circuit that is similar to the successful C1002 product
  • Allows operation of liquid helium cold stages with both helium and nitrogen

Accessories — Anti-Contaminators

  • Anti-contaminators C1005, C1006, or C1007 are included as accessories

Table No.2: Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Stage

Model # Base
Cool down
time max
Max. operating
control individual individual
Individual cooling
C1005 Less than -185 °C 10 min 50 °C    
C1005B Less than -185 °C 10 min 50 °C  
C1006 Less than -185 °C 10 min 50 °C  
C1007 Less than -185 °C 10 min 50 °C  

Table 2. Source: Gatan Inc.

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