OIM™ Analysis of EBSD Patterns

EDAX offer their OIM ™Analysis, which obtains and analyses Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) patterns. This technique can be used to obtain a variety of information about an EBDS pattern, including crystallographic orientation, phase distribution, grain size and shape, boundary structure, and microstructure texture and material, as well as allowing easy manipulation and examination of data.

Ultimately, OIM™  Analysis makes characterization, analysis, and extraction of EBSD data a straightforward process and has the potential to provide for a variety of user requirements.

Simple Data Visualization and Analysis

Visual representations of EBSD pattern properties can be effortlessly achieved by creating maps, charts, and plots of data, and analysis of single or multiple data sets using OIM™  is an entirely quick and straight-forward process. Any statistical analysis can be customized and easily repeated to adapt to a range of research needs.

EBSD Pattern Reindexing

Unavoidably, acquired data can be of low quality which directly impacts the overall accuracy of research outcomes. OIM™  Analysis offers the ability to evaluate the quality of user data and to reindex any patterns that are of low-quality to achieve data of the highest accuracy.

The OIM Analysis v8

EDAX’s latest model OIM™  Analysis v8, which has recently been updated with several new features, is thought to pave the way for a new standard of EBSD data analysis. In particular, such features of the v8 include Multithreaded Operation, which enables rapid map rendering, highlighting, and characterization calculations, and Anti-Grains Analysis, which allows for characterization of non-indexed data points.

Feature Highlights

  • Graphical representations for visualization of material microstructures, statistical information, or orientation distribution.
  • Easy to use method of performing repetitive, customized analysis of OIM™  data
  • Data can be partitioned, highlighted, and separately analyzed
  • OIM™  Batch processer permits the preparation/analysis of numerous data sets in a single action
  • Ability to assess data quality and reindex any low-quality data
  • 3D visualization of EBSD characteristics
  • OIM™  Analysis v8 is integrated with new features which enable users to attain greater insight into characterization of EBSD patterns.

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