OIM Analysis Software

OIM Analysis™ from EDAX is a software developed based on the automated collection and analysis of EBSD patterns. This mapping data offers information on the phase distribution, orientation, grain boundary structure, grain size and shape and local deformation of crystallographic microstructures.

OIM Analysis gives the virtually unrestricted ability for questioning the wealth of data contained in OIM scans.

OIM Analysis Standard Features

  • OIM Charts: OIM Charts display numerical representations of the quantified microstructure with statistical data for simple comparisons.
  • OIM Maps: OIM Maps offer colorful and significant graphics, thereby giving a beneficial insight into material microstructures.
  • OIM Plots: OIM Plots provide visualization of misorientation distributions and quantified orientation.
  • OIM Templates: OIM Templates provide a user-friendly tool for executing repetitive, and tailored analysis of OIM data.
  • QuickGen Toolbar: The QuickGen Toolbar is considered to be an intuitive starting point for analysis. This helps provide rapid access to generally used maps, charts and plots.
  • Data Highlighting: Data Highlighting allows the analyst to determine particular data ranges and microstructural features on plots and maps.
  • Data Partitioning: The splitting of OIM data into various microstructural subsets is made possible by data partitioning so that the different portions can be quantified individually.
  • Interactive Analysis: Interactive Analysis enables the analyst to perform a manual interrogation of data so that the data of interest could be removed.
  • OIM Project Tree: OIM Project Tree is an intuitive data management structure developed for beginners and advanced users.
  • OIM Batch Processor: The making and analysis of multiple datasets are enabled by OIM Batch Processor in an easy and consistent manner in a single action.
  • OIM Analysis EBSD Indexing: Even the best analysis tools might generate initial low-quality data. But OIM Analysis has the resources to assess data quality and to enhance it with the help of EBSD pattern reindexing.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Comprehensive Analysis provides grouped functions for an extensive range of focused analyses inside an integrated analysis package.
    • Advanced boundary analysis
    • Advanced data manipulation
    • Advanced grain analysis
    • Advanced texture analysis
    • Advanced materials properties analysis
  • OIM 3D Visualization: OIM Analysis expands extensive EBSD characterization into 3D EBSD.

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