Neighbor Pattern Averaging & Reindexing (NPAR™)

The Neighbor Pattern Averaging & Reindexing (NPAR™) measures crystallographic orientation within Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) patterns. Band detection and indexing performance of EBSD patterns can often be inaccurate due to high levels of noise which result in a low signal to noise ratio (SNR) of data. Although such issues can be solved by either decreasing the detector gain to depress noise levels or by averaging multiple frames together, limitations still remain. For instance, both of these methods significantly prolong the time needed to obtain pattern collection and orientation mapping.

EDAX’s NPAR™ averages the EBSD pattern with other neighboring patterns on the mapping grid before being reindexed. This method retains the benefits of reduced noise and hence a higher image SNR, without succumbing to the drawback of a longer pattern collection and orientation mapping time.

Ultimately, EDAX’S indexing and band detection technique enables the EBSD detector to measure crystallographic orientation at very high gain levels, and thus with significant amounts of noise, without compromising on indexing performance.

Feature Highlights

  • High SNR within the pattern enhances indexing performance
  • EBSD detectors can function at higher gain/noise levels than traditional detectors
  • No time penalty - very fast rate of pattern collection and orientation mapping
  • Rapid acquisition speed even at lower beam currents and voltages
  • Good for samples that are beam-sensitive and non-conductive
  • Adaptable for a variety of in-situ and 3D research experiments

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