Pin-On-Disk Tribometer (TRB)

Controlling wear and friction in moving machine parts is a major issue faced by all manufacturers. Obtaining quantitative data at different humidity and temperature and in the presence of lubricants is critical.

Anton Paar Tribometers are designed for studying lubricants and oil additives, self-lubricating systems, quality assurance, and new materials such as polymers, metals and ceramics.

The instrument has a stable contact point and avoids parasitic friction. It can measure wide range of samples with different shapes and sizes. PC-controlled software feature real-time graphical data display, friction and wear coefficients, sliding lifetime, and much more.

Key Features

The main features of the Pin-on-Disk Tribometer (TRB) are:

  • Automatic switch-off (track length / friction coefficient)
  • Precisely calibrated friction and wear measurements
  • Testing compatible with ASTM and DIN 50324 standards
  • Test in liquids and controlled humidity
  • Stable contact point and no parasitic friction
  • Variable sample sizes and shapes
  • Software package for PC-controlled data acquisition and instrument control

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