Helium Leak Rate Test – How Much Does a Seal Leak?

In any system, leaking at some rate is unavoidable. Knowing your acceptable leak rate is important so we can design a solution to meet your needs and perform our helium leak rate test. To find your leak rate, you will need to know the units that communicate the conversion factors, or a molecular flow (the number of molecules that leak out over a period of time).

Additionally, you will need to know the specifying temperature and, when following the standard cubic centimeters per second unit, the standard rate. After the product is designed, we test the solution with helium, which is specifically chosen since its properties contain small particles and is a safe, non-explosive gas.

During this testing phase, the mass spectrometer sucks everything that’s leaking out of the system and filters out the helium. After ionizing the helium, we’ll count those ions as it impacts the actual detector. Over time, this is what gives us the measured leak rate. Because of this system, we can detect the smallest leak rates, helping us to meet your needs.

Run time: 3:32min

Helium Leak Rate Test – How Much Does a Seal Leak?

Video Credit: Technetics Group

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