Useful Elastic Recovery with Metallic Sealing Solutions

Metallic seals have a degree of elastic deformation, which occurs in addition to the plastic deformation of the outer sealing material. When decompressed, the seal can still provide sealing until the seal track contact pressure reduces to the point of significant leakage. This elastic recovery can be helpful, even in static systems, since external factors may cause the joints or flanges to separate slightly.

Simulation of seal compression and decompression can enable us to identify the total seal compression and permanent deformation value. The useful elastic recovery value will fall between these two amounts of compression. Quantifying the exact amount of useful elastic recovery a seal can handle is complex and cannot be accurately determined through calculations or analysis. By testing the sealing system, we account for all factors including seal design, system pressure, system temperature, sealing surface finishes, and the required leak rate.

Run time: 1:30min

Useful Elastic Recovery with Metallic Sealing Solutions

Video Credit: Technetics Group

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