GCV Determination - IKA C 200 Calorimeter System

IKA C 200 Calorimeter System allows you to accurately determine the Gross Calorific Value (GCV) of samples in either liquid or solid state. The digital display provides simple programming and method selection. Unit is suitable for low through-put laboratories, teaching and training, e.g. technical schools, universities, and for industrial laboratories with less need for analyses.

Choose from four different methods depending on your requirements: manual, time controlled, isoperibolic, or dynamic. In the manual (learning) method the user triggers ignition and the end of the measurement. The temperature changes are recorded at minute intervals. All calculations are manual.

In the other operating modes, ignition and calculation of GCV are automatic. The GCV is shown on the display. Acid correction of the GCV and caluculation of the heat values are performed manually. Requires manual filling of water and oxygen. Calorimeter is validated according to:

  • DIN 51900
  • ISO 1928
  • ASTM D240
  • ASTM D4809
  • ASTM D5865
  • ASTM D1989
  • ASTM D5468
  • ASTM E711

Key Features

  • Automatic sample ignition
  • Compact modular design
  • Highly operator maintenance friendly

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