IKA Vacuum IKA Vacstar Control

The VACSTAR dry 4-chamber membrane vacuum pump is low-maintenance, chemically resistant and powerful, and can be used for filtration, separation and removal. With a removable display and integrated vacuum controller, VACSTAR control is an ideal system.

The controller has modes for a range of processes, including both manual and automatic operation, as well as functions for evacuation, pumping or cleaning.

High-Performance Suction

Able to operate at a minimum of 2 mbar with a 22 l/min suction rate, VACSTAR offers excellent suction performance.

Integrated Vacuum Controller with Removable WiCo

Operating modes can be selected using either the intuitive operator menu, or using a remote control, to suit the application required.

User and Environmental Protection

Both laboratory employees and the environment are protected from harmful exhaust air using a downstream vacuum safety emission condenser (VSE1).

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