IKA Overhead Stirrers MINISTAR 80 Control

The latest MINISTAR series from IKA is built using the latest cutting-edge technology. This advanced overhead stirrer with its compact design is suitable for special applications.

The IKA Stirrers combine high performance with particular excellence and require minimum space. They are provided with a lifetime guarantee.  

“The Power Pack” in the sophisticated mini class is small and as strong as an ox and reaches up to 500 rpm.

Key Features

  • High-tech vibration sensors detect deviations from permissible thresholds and automatically halt the process
  • Hardened glass enclosed, rapid response display for maximum visibility and chemical resistance
  • Clear display for all vital information at a glance
  • Temperature reading on display
  • Integrated timer/counter for the control of kinetic sensitive reactions and reminders
  • Viscosities up to 60,000 mPas and volumes of up to 50 L
  • Continuously modifiable speed between 0/30-500 rpm
  • Intuitive and simple handling; touch-sensitive surface for long life span
  • Key lock function
  • Chemical-resistant housing
  • USB interface, for example, to document parameters using labworldsoft® or installing firmware updates

Microprocessor-controlled speed governor for constant rotational speed, even with variations in viscosity

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