Crushing Tasks with Both Fine and Coarse Crushing - IKA MultiDrive

Irrespective of whether samples are fibrous, soft, or hard, the IKA MultiDrive crusher is designed to carry out an array of crushing tasks involving both fine and coarse crushing. This is attributed to the wide range of vessels available.

The IKA MultiDrive basic mill makes it possible to grind or mix. In addition, a USB interface is available to enable easy actuation and documentation, respectively. Combined with the milling chamber, the MI 250 MultiDrive basic mill provides an alternative solution to the M 20 mill.

High Performance

A combination of variable rotational speeds, ranging from 3000 to 20000 rpm, as well as a 1000 Watt output, ensures excellent crushing performance.

Interval Operation

The option of interval programming can be easily activated by simply pressing a button. For additional thorough blending or during the coarse-grinding of hard samples, interval operation is indeed an asset.

Integrated Cooling

The milling cup is integrated with a cooling system, which enables indirect dissipation of heat. As a result, both sample and coolant remain separate.

Variety of Vessels (Accessory)

The IKA MultiDrive basic mill offers the right vessel for all kinds of grinding tasks. Vessels, however, are not part of the scope of delivery.

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