Operation Time Detection and Temperature Measurement - T 25 Easy Clean Control Disperser

The high-performance T 25 easy clean control dispersing instrument is capable of handling working volumes of 1–2,000 mL (H2O) with electronic speed control from 3,000 to 25,000 rpm.

The innovative S 25 EC-T-C-18G-ST tool enables operation time detection and temperature measurement via RFID. Continuous monitoring of temperature and the setting of temperature limits prevent overheating of the device. The operation time detection helps to ensure periodic maintenance.

All S 25 tools are well-matched with T 25 easy clean control.

Key Features

  • Counter/timer function
  • Detection of operation time through RFID
  • The easy clean dispersing tools can be cleaned easily and rapidly without being disassembled
  • The S 25 EC-T-C-18G-ST tool including an in-built temperature sensor is used for continuous measurement of temperature
  • Safety is improved through IP-class and tool recognition
  • Silent and dust-free operation is ensured by the brushless motor
  • Remote control with WiCo (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • The USB interface is available for control and documentation through labworldsoft®

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