Midi Centrifuge for Separating Substances - IKA G-L Centrifuge

The IKA G-L is the best midi centrifuge for separating substances at moderate rotational speeds using all kinds of separation processes like those found in molecular biology. It can be used not just with typical 1.5/2 mL vessels but also with PCR strips. With the push of a button, the cover opens automatically.

Safe Use

The centrifuge comes with a metal cover and does not turn on until it is tightly closed.

High-Tech Display

The thoroughly insightful navigation is conducted through a membrane keypad. This enables the speed, rotational speed, or programs to be easily set.

Powerful Motor

The centrifuge has a rotational speed of up to 15,700 rpm and is equipped with a high-performance motor.

Wide Scope of Delivery

Cover and metal rotor for 12 vessels, with a capacity of 1.5/2 mL, are already covered in the scope of delivery.

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