IKA Calorimeter C 6000 Global Standards Package 1/10

In the C 6000 global standards oxygen bomb calorimeter, one instrument combines modern technology with automation and variability. It can operate along the lines of all bomb calorimeter standards, including the GB, GOST, ASTM, ISO, and DIN. The operator is able to choose from different starting temperatures of 22 °C, 25 °C, 30 °C in each measuring mode.

As a result of the decomposition vessel’s new design, it is possible to reduce measurement time. This unit can be easily adapted to the specific application needs of each customer, courtesy of a variety of different interfaces for balance and USB Sticks, printers (USB, serial, and Ethernet), and PCs. The calorimeter software is called C 6040 Calwin.

Measuring Modes

  • Dynamic
  • Adiabatic
  • Isoperibol


  • Ignition energy determination and automatic ignition
  • Automatic draining and filling of water
  • Automatic filling, venting, and flushing of oxygen
  • Automatic decomposition vessel identification courtesy of the RFID technology
  • Simpler and quicker sample preparation thanks to the decomposition vessel’s new design
  • Convenient and straightforward operation of the capacitive touch screen
  • Control chart view and correction calculations in line with globally recognized standards
  • Connection to network printers via the Ethernet interface
  • Simple software updates and data management are enabled by the USB interface.

The C 6000 global standards Package 1/10 is made up of:

  • C 6000 global standards
  • Standard C 6010 decomposition vessel
  • RC 2 basic cooling water supply

C 6000 - Unpacking

C 6000 - Installation

C 6000 - Menu & Display

C 6000 - Calibration

C 6000 - Sample Preparation

C 6000 - Combustion

C 6000 - Wash Cycle

C 6000 - Filter Cleaning

C 6000 - Preventing Maintenance

IKA Calorimeter C 6000 global standards Package 1/10

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