IKA Drying Ovens, IKA Oven 125 Basic Dry—Glass

The IKA OVEN 125 basic dry is a ubiquitous oven for aging, tempering, heating, and drying applications in the laboratory.

It covers applications in research, industry, quality control, schools/universities, and the field of science.

Reproducible test results are ensured by rapid heat up times and precise control of temperature. Lower operating costs are guaranteed by a unique odorless insulation.

The oven can be regulated through USB, and test parameters can be recorded for further investigations.

Following are the various features of the IKA OVEN 125 basic dry:

  • Electronically adjustable ventilation
  • Temperature range: RT + 5 °C to 250 °C
  • Key lock function
  • Capacity of 125 l
  • Adjustable temperature limit
  • Clear display and control menu
  • Glass door
  • Timer

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