IKA Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive P control

The name of the new IKA UTTD power control disperser is derived from a motor which is even more powerful. The best homogenization, grinding, dispersing, and stirring results are guaranteed by the disperser, which has been designed specifically for the safe processing of odor-intensive, toxic, or infectious samples.

Disposable Tubes

Ruling out cross-contamination risks and reducing the necessary amount of cleaning, the sealable disposable tubes have been optimized for the users’ application.

Programmable Test Conditions

Volume, time, and energy: Users are able to store frequently used parameters in their library, as well as being able to specify and systematically program the conditions of each test.

Adjustable Change in Direction of Rotation

With the use of the clear, multilingual menu, the frequency and timing of the rotation’s direction can be very simply altered.

Turbo Button

At the user’s fingertips, there is even more intensive grinding, dispersing, and mixing. The turbo button achieves all of this. Rotational speeds of as high as 8,000 rpm are able to be achieved over short periods of time.


The Tube - IKA ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive

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