IKA Laboratory Reactors—LR-2.ST, the Compact Power

The LR-2.ST is a modularly designed laboratory reactor system for optimizing and reproducing different chemical reactions, mixing and homogenization processes on the laboratory scale.

The system is specifically characterized by the agitator mounting, which ensures a safe transfer of the higher motor torque.

ULTRA-TURRAX® dispersers, flow breakers, temperature sensors, and other accessories can be fixed to the open ports of the reactor cover.

Following are the features of the LR-2.ST laboratory reactor system:

  • Suitable for vacuum operation
  • Torque trend display for the measurement of variations in viscosity
  • Solvent- and temperature-resistant perfluoroelastomer (FFPM) seals come into contact with sample
  • Removable wireless controller (WiCo) for safe and remote application in a fume hood
  • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • Microprocessor-controlled speed regulation facilitates steady speed even under load

The LR-2.ST laboratory reactor system comprises of the following:

  • EUROSTAR 60 control laboratory stirrer with higher speed and no gear ranges
  • Stand system
  • Reactor cover
  • Safety switch

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