Improving Quality with the Automated Resist Processing System for Micro- and Nano-Electronics

The EVG®120 is a novel automated resist processing system that has been specifically designed by EV Group to process substrates of different shapes and sizes of up to 200 mm. The EVG 120 offers users various product benefits, such as its high throughput capabilities, compact design, minimal footprint and reduced cost of ownership, that make this system ideal for high volume production purposes.

The EVG 120 also ensures high-quality standards for a wide range of applications.

Product Features

  • Flexible resist processing tool can be used for different process variations
  • The Proprietary Omni Spray ultrasonic atomization technology of the EVG 120 ensures the delivery of excellent process results during conformal coating of extreme topographies
  • Flexible combinations of multifunctional modules for developing, spin and spray coating, bake and chill make it suitable for various application fields
  • CoverSpinTM technology allows for optimum spin coating to be achieved
  • Continuously high-throughput is achieved through the use of advanced and field-proven robot handling with dual end-effector capability
  • Megasonic technology is used for cleaning, developing and sono-chemical processing, thereby improving process efficiency in less time
  • EVG Framework based smart process scheduling capabilities
  • Compact size reduces system footprint
  • Exceptional process development, support and service

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