EVG®770: Step-and-Repeat Nanoimprint Lithography System

The EVG770 is a flexible platform for step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography for effective master fabrication or direct patterning of intricate structures on substrates. This method enables even replication of templates from small dies up to 50 mm x 50 mm over huge areas ranging up to 300 mm substrate sizes.

Together with direct writing or diamond turning techniques, step-and-repeat imprinting is often utilized to effectively fabricate masters needed for wafer-level optics manufacturing or EVG’s SmartNIL process.

The EVG770’s main features are accurate alignment abilities, complete process control and the flexibility to meet the needs of a broad range of devices and applications.


  • Effective master fabrication of micro-lenses available for wafer-level optics down to nanostructures for SmartNIL®
  • Live imaging available during demolding, imprinting and dispensing
  • Easy implementation of various kinds of masters
  • In-situ force control available for demolding and imprint
  • Optional automated cassette-to-cassette handling is available
  • Variable resist dispense modes are available
  • Comes with optional optical wedge error compensation

Technical Data

. .
Wafer diameter
(substrate size)
100 up to 300 mm
Resolution ≤50 nm (resolution dependent upon template and process)
Supported Process Soft UV-NIL
Exposure source High-power LED (i-line) > 100 mW/cm²
Alignment Top side microscope for live overlay alignment ≤ ±500 nm
and fine alignment ≤ ±300 nm
First print die to die
placement accuracy
≤1 µm
Active imprint area Up to 50 x 50 mm
Automated separation Supported
Pre-processing Coating: droplet dispense (optional)

​Source: EV Group 

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