GEMINI® FB: Automated Collective Die-to-Wafer Bonding System

The GEMINI® FB automated collective die-to-wafer bonding system features collective D2W (Co-D2W), a potential method for hybrid D2W bonding. As far as Co-D2W bonding is concerned, several dies are shifted to the final wafer in just one process step. The manufacturing flow for the Co-D2W bonding process includes four significant segments: carrier preparation, carrier population, wafer bonding and carrier separation.

The EVG Gemini FB has been designed for D2W bonding and is a decisive element in the Co-D2W integration flow, thereby allowing effective cleaning and shift of carrier mounted dies, bonding and carrier detachment in a single system. The Gemini FB system is industry standard for both wafer-to-wafer and Co-D2W fusion and hybrid bonding.


  • Versatile handling of wafer and tailored die carriers
  • Industry-standard SmartView® NT face-to-face bond aligner available for carrier to device wafer alignment
  • Up to six pre-processing modules are available
    • Alignment verification module
    • Clean module
    • Thermocompression bond module
    • LowTemp™ plasma activation module
  • XT Frame concept for greatest throughput with EFEM (Equipment Frontend Module)
  • Software interfaces and combined metrology functions enabling feed-forward and feed-back loop for effective D2W overlay optimization

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