SmartView® NT: Automated Bond Alignment System for Universal Alignment

The SmartView NT fully automated bond alignment system has been particularly developed for universal alignment and it provides a proprietary technique for micron-level face-to-face wafer-level alignment.

This alignment method is crucial to realizing the essential precision in multiple wafer stacks for state-of-the-art technologies. The SmartView technology can be integrated with the GEMINI wafer bonding systems for successive permanent bonding in a completely automated platform.


  • Appropriate for automated and built-in EVG bonding systems (EVG560®, GEMINI®) in 200 mm and 300 mm configurations
  • Windows®-based user interface
  • Wafer stacking can be done for 3D interconnect, wafer-level packaging and high-volume MEMS devices
  • Universal bond aligner (face-to-face, backside, infrared and transparent alignment) is available
  • Bond pairs are aligned and clamped before loading into the bond chamber
  • The need for Z-axis motion and refocusing is avoided
  • Manual or completely automated configurations (for example, integration with GEMINI®)
  • Options
    • Can be integrated with the EVG®500 series wafer bonding systems, EVG®300 series cleaning systems and EVG®810 LT plasma systems for a completely automated wafer-to-wafer alignment operation with cassette-to-cassette operation

Technical Data

. .
Substrate / Wafer
Size: 150 - 200, 200 - 300 mm
Thickness: 0,1 - 5 mm
Max. stack height: 10 mm
Automatic alignment Standard
Handling system 3 cassette stations (up to 200 mm) or
2 FOUP load ports (300 mm)

​Source: EV Group 

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