EVG®510 HE Semi-Automated Hot Embossing System

The EVG510 HE Semi-automated Hot Embossing System has been developed particularly for the high-precision imprinting of thermoplastic substrates. The equipment has been designed with a universal embossing chamber together with vacuum and contact force capabilities.

The system regulates the entire range of polymers appropriate for hot embossing. Along with multiple de-embossing and high-aspect-ratio embossing options, several processes for high-quality nanopattern transfer are provided.


  • Automated embossing process
  • EVG’s proprietary individual alignment process ensures optically aligned imprinting and embossing
  • Suitable for hot embossing applications of spin-on polymers and polymer substrates
  • Comes with an external de-embossing and cooling station
  • Closed-loop cooling water supply option available
  • Completely software-controlled process execution

Technical Data

Heater size 150 mm 200 mm
Maximum substrate dimension 150 mm 200 mm
Minimum substrate dimension single chips 100 mm
Max. contact force
10, 20, 60 kN
Max. temperature
Standard: 350 °C
Optional: 550 °C
Bond chuck system / alignment system
150 mm heater: EVG®610, EVG®620, EVG®6200
200 mm heater: EVG®6200, MBA300, SmartView® NT
Standard: 0.1 mbar
Optional: 0.00001 mbar

​Source: EV Group 

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