Supporting a Variety of Standard Lithography Processes with the EVG®610

The EVG®610 mask alignment system from EVG Group supports a wide range of standard lithography processes, like soft-, hard-, vacuum-, and proximity exposure modes, including the option of back-side alignment. Furthermore, the system provides extra abilities such as bond alignment and nanoimprint lithography (NIL).

The EVG®610 enables rapid processing and re-tooling for varying user needs with a transition time of less than a few minutes. Its modern multi-user concept can be adapted right from beginners to experts, thereby making it perfect for universities and R&D applications.


  • Top-side and bottom-side alignment ability available
  • Wafer or substrate size from pieces ranging up to 200 mm/8″
  • Stepwise process guidance is provided
  • Automated wedge compensation sequence is available
  • Comes with high-precision alignment stage
  • Reduced system footprint and facility needs
  • Motorized and recipe-controlled exposure gap
  • Supports the new UV-LED technology
  • Availability of remote technology support
  • Agile processing and conversion re-tooling available
  • Multi-user concept (limitless number of user accounts and recipes, different user interface languages, and assignable access rights)
  • Table-top or autonomous version available with anti-vibration granite table
  • Additional capabilities:
    • Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
    • IR alignment
    • Bond alignment

Technical Data

. .
Alignment modes Top side alignment: ≤ ±0,5 µm
Bottom side aligment: ≤ ±2,0 µm
IR alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm / substrate material depending
Bond alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm
NIL alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm
Exposure source Mercury light source / UV LED light source
Wedge compensation Fully automatic - SW controlled
Wafer diameter (substrate size) Up to 100 / 150 / 200 mm
Exposure setup Vacuum contact / hard contact / soft contact / proximity mode
Exposure options Interval exposure / flood exposure / sector exposure
Advanced alignment features Manual alignment / in-situ alignment verification
Manual cross correction
Large gap alignment
System control Operation system: Windows
File sharing and back-up solution / unlimited no. recipes and parameters
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR
Real-time remote access, diagnostics & troubleshooting
Nanoimprint lithography technology UV-NIL

​Source: EV Group 

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