EVG®320 D2W: Automated Die Preparation and Activation System

The EVG320 D2W automated die preparation and activation system is a highly versatile platform featuring a versatile hardware or software interface to allow smooth integration with third-party pick-and-place die bonding systems. Also, it can function as an autonomous system based on integration and line balancing needs.

EVG’s latest cleaning and plasma activation technology powers the system and is available throughout its industry-standard W2W fusion and hybrid bonding platforms. The technology has been demonstrated in hundreds of installed modules across the world.

Moreover, the EVG320 D2W is equipped with EVG’s alignment verification module (AVM), which is a built-in metrology module that offers direct feedback to the die bonder on crucial process parameters, like die placement precision and die-height information, as well as post-bond metrology, for enhanced process control.

Moreover, the system features versatile substrate handling that can house any kind of film frame or die carrier that can support hybrid and fusion bonding cleanliness standards, plasma activation and SECS/GEM standard support.


  • Comes with completely automated FOUP-to-FOUP or cassette-to-cassette handling
  • Up to six process modules are available
  • Metrology modules enabling feed-forward and feed-back loop to host and related pick-and-place die bonding systems
  • Universal software or hardware interface to allow smooth integration with third-party pick-and-place die bonding systems
  • Universal die carrier input such as film frame and tailored carrier formats
  • Industry-standard cleaning and activation modules for hybrid and fusion bonding

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