EVG®7200: Automated SmartNIL® UV Nanoimprint Lithography System

The EVG7200 automated UV nanoimprint lithography system utilizes EVG’s novel SmartNIL technology and EVG’s materials expertise to allow mass manufacturing of micro- and nanoscale structures.

The system helps apply the latest soft stamp and imprint capability of SmartNIL to bigger substrates and smaller geometries, with resolution measuring down to 40 nm* in volume production. This allows higher cost-of-ownership (CoO) benefits and helps achieve the complete manufacturing ability of nanoimprint lithography.

*Resolution is based on process and template


  • Proprietary SmartNIL® technology available with multiple-use polymer stamp technology
  • Optional top-side alignment
  • Volume-proven imprinting technology with excellent replication fidelity
  • Optional mini-environment
  • Comes with automated cassette-to-cassette handling along with semi-automated R&D mode
  • Scalability ensured from R&D to production
  • Availability of demolding, combined imprinting, UV curing and working stamp fabrication
  • System housing for ideal process stability and reliability
  • Open platform offered for all commercially available imprint materials

Technical Data


. .
Wafer diameter (substrate size) 75 up to 200 mm
Resolution ≤40 nm (resolution dependent upon template and process)
Supported Process SmartNIL®
Exposure source High-power LED (i-line) > 400 mW/cm²
Alignment Optional top side alignment
Automated separation Supported
Mini environment and climate control Optional

Working stamp fabrication


Source: EV Group

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