EVG®6200 NT Mask Aligner: State-of-the-Art Mask Alignment Technology

The EVG®6200 NT is known for its automation reliability and flexibility, offering advanced mask alignment technology on a compact footprint area together with the maximum throughput, optimized total cost of ownership, and advanced alignment features.

The EVG®6200 NT has operator-friendly software, reduced time for mask and tooling modifications, and effective global service and support, making it the perfect solution for any manufacturing environment.

The EVG6200 NT or the fully-housed EVG6200 NT Gen2 mask alignment systems are available in automated or semi-automated configuration and are equipped with integrated vibration isolation, achieving excellent exposure results for a wide range of applications, such as exposure of thin and thick resists, patterning of deep cavities and comparable topographies, as well as the processing of thin and fragile materials such as compound semiconductors.

In addition, EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL technology works on both semi-automated and fully automated system configurations.


  • System design supports versatility of lithography processes
  • Thin, delicate, or warped wafer handling of multiple wafer sizes with rapid change-over time
  • Wafer or substrate size from pieces ranges up to 200 mm/8″
  • Availability of throughput up to 180 WPH in first print mode or up to 140 WPH in automatic alignment mode
  • Automated contact-free wedge compensation sequence available with proximity spacers
  • Dynamic alignment function with real-time offset correction
  • Auto origin function available for accurate centering of alignment key
  • Supports new UV-LED technology
  • Comes with rework sorting wafer management and flexible cassette system
  • Field upgradeable from semi-automated to completely automated version
  • Manual substrate loading capability available on automated system
  • Reduced system footprint and facility needs
  • Sophisticated software features and compatibility between full-scale and R&D production
  • Table-top or independent version with anti-vibration granite table
  • Multi-user concept (limitless number of user accounts and recipes, different user interface languages, and assignable access rights)
  • Remote tech support and GEM/SECS compatibility
  • Conversion re-tooling and agile processing
  • Listed below are the additional capabilities:
    • Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
    • Bond alignment
    • IR alignment

Technical Data

Source: EV Group

. .
Exposure source Mercury light source / UV LED light source
Advanced alignment
Manual alignment / in-situ alignment verification
Automatic alignment
Dynamic alignment / automatic edge alignment
Alignment offset correction algorithms
Throughput Fully-automated: throughput first print: 180 wafers per hour
Fully-automated: throughput aligned: 140 wafers per hour
Wafer diameter
(substrate size)
Up to 200 mm
Alignment modes Top side alignment: ≤ ±0,5 µm
Bottom side alignment: ≤ ±1,0 µm
IR alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm / substrate material depending
Bond alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm
NIL alignment: ≤ ±3,0 µm
Exposure setup Vacuum contact / hard contact / soft contact / proximity mode / flex mode
Wedge compensation Fully automatic - SW controlled
Exposure options Interval exposure / flood exposure / sector exposure
System control Operations system: Windows
File sharing & back-up solution / unlimited no. recipes & parameters
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR
Real-time remote access, diagnostics & troubleshooting
Industrial automation
Cassette / SMIF / FOUP / SECS/GEM / thin, bowed, warped, edge wafer handling
Nanoimprint lithography technology SmartNIL®

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