EVG®6200 BA: Automated Bond Alignment System for Wafer-to-Wafer Alignment

The EVG6200 BA bond alignment systems provide the highest flexibility, accuracy, modular upgrade capability and user-friendliness while being competent in several high-throughput production settings. The accuracy of EVG bond aligners adapts to the most challenging alignment processes in MEMS production and in developing fields such as 3D integration applications.


  • Completely motorized high-resolution bottom-side microscopes
  • Appropriate for all EVG 200 mm bond systems
  • Supports bond alignment of double or triple wafer stacks ranging up to 200 mm wafer sizes
  • Manual or motorized alignment stage available with automatic alignment option
  • Comes with Windows®-based user interface
  • Options
    • Automatic alignment
    • IR alignment provided for inner substrate key alignment
    • NanoAlign® package for improved process abilities
    • Upgrade possibility for mask aligner
    • Comes with system rack

Technical Data

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General system
System rack: optional
Vibration isolation: passive
Alignment methods Backside alignment: ±2 µm 3 σ
Transparent alignment: ±1 µm 3 σ
IR alignment: option
Alignment stage Precision micrometers: manual
Optional: motorized micrometers
Wedge compensation: automated
Substrate / Wafer
Size: 2", 3", 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Thickness: 0,1 - 10 mm
Max. stack height: 10 mm
Automatic alignment Optional
Handling system Standard: 3 cassette stations
Optional: up to 5 stations

​Source: EV Group 

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