EVG®50: Automated Metrology System for Bonded Stacks and Single Wafers

The EVG50 (completely automated independent tool) and the Inline Metrology Module (combined in EVG’s high-volume-manufacturing systems) provide highly precise measurements at high speed, making use of various measurement techniques for a huge number of applications.

The application range of the tool covers multi-layer thickness measurements for determining the total thickness variation (TTV) of an intermediate layer, inspecting bond interfaces and measuring resist thickness while satisfying the most demanding needs of the yield-driven semiconductor industry.


  • Multi-layer thickness mapping available
  • Multi-layer metrology available with best-in-class throughput and resolution
  • Particle free
  • Low contact edge handling can be performed
  • Bond interface inspection
  • Several output formats available
  • 100% production inspection
  • Full-area accessible front- and backside
  • Self-calibrating for improved system reproducibility and more productive time


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