EVG®7300: Automated UV Nanoimprint Solution up to 300 mm

The EVG7300 automated UV nanoimprint lithography system makes the most of EVG’s SmartNIL technology to allow mass manufacturing of micro- and nanostructures.

The EVG7300 has the ability to print nanostructures as small as 40 nm* over a huge area with a low cost of ownership and matchless throughput. Thus, it supports the production of a range of devices and applications, such as optical devices for augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets, bio-medical devices, 3D sensors, nanophotonics, and plasmonics.

Moreover, EVG’s SmartNIL technology has been enhanced and modularized for the EVG7300 system. In combination with EVG’s material expertise, the system offers the most sophisticated nanoimprint abilities available on the market featuring conformal imprinting, quick curing times with high-power lamp and smooth stamp detachment.

*Resolution is based on process and template


  • Completely automated UV-NIL imprinting and low-force detachment is available
  • Usable on high-topography (tough) surfaces
  • Volume manufacturing of structures down to 40 nm and smaller
  • Substrates of up to 300 mm
  • One-step full-area imprint process can be performed
  • Supports an extensive range of structure shapes and sizes, including 3D
  • 200 mm/300 mm bridge-tool capability
  • Constant mode operation

Technical Data

. .
Wafer diameter
(substrate size)
200 mm / 300 mm
150 mm / 200 mm
Resolution ≤40* nm
Supported Process SmartNIL®
Exposure source High-power LED (i-line) > 400 mW/cm²
Alignment ≤ ±3 μm
Stamp separation Fully automated
Mini environment and climate control Optional
Working stamp fabrication Supported

​Source: EV Group

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