IQ Aligner® NT: Technically Advanced Automated Mask Alignment System

The IQ Aligner NT from EV Group is the most productive and technically sophisticated automated mask alignment system that has been developed for high-volume applications.

The system features the most advanced print gab control and zero-assist dual-size wafer processing capability, which fully addresses high-volume manufacturing (HVM) requirements of users. It offers a 2X improvement in alignment accuracy and a 2X increase in throughput when compared to EVG’s previous-generation IQ Aligner system, thereby providing the greatest throughput of all mask aligners.

The IQ Aligner NT transcends the most demanding needs for back-end lithography applications while offering up to a 30% lower cost of ownership against competing systems that are growing out of the greatest throughput supported on mask alignment tools.

Thanks to its latest wafer alignment run-out control, full-field mask movement capability, and high-power UV light source, the IQ Aligner NT is perfectly suited for wafer bumping and interposer patterning, thus serving a range of latest packaging types, such as 3D-IC/through-silicon via (TSV), fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP), flip chip, and 2.5D interposers.


  • Zero assist bridge tool — dual substrate concept that supports the flexibility of production for 200 mm and 300 mm
  • Throughput greater than 200 wph (first print)
  • Availability of manual substrate loading capability
  • Cutting-edge alignment precision available
  • Back-side alignment down to 500 nm
  • Top-side alignment can be done down to 250 nm
  • Broadband intensity greater than 120 mW/cm² (300 mm wafer)
  • Full Clearfield Mask Movement (FCMM) provided for compatibility with darkfield mask alignment and flexible pattern positioning
  • Outstanding run-out compensation as a result of ultra-flat and quick response temperature-controlled wafer chuck
  • Contact-free in-situ mask-to-wafer proximity gap verification can be done
  • GEM300 compatibility and remote tech support available
  • Queueing or parallel task processing feature available
  • Comes with rework sorting wafer management and flexible cassette system
  • Smart handling features
  • Intelligent maintenance management and tracking
  • Smart process control and data analysis feature (Framework Software Platform) available
  • Occurrence and alarm analysis
  • Combined analysis features for process and machine control
  • Comes with equipment and process performance tracking feature

Technical Data

. .
Throughput Fully-automated: throughput first print: 200 wafers per hour
Fully-automated: throughput aligned: 160 wafers per hour
Industrial automation
Cassette / SMIF / FOUP / SECS/GEM / thin, bowed, warped, edge wafer handling
Smart process control and
data analysis features
(framework SW platform)
Integrated analysis features for process and machine control
Parallel task / queueing task processing feature
Equipment and process performance tracking feature
Smart handling features
Occurences and alarms analysis / smart maintenance management & tracking
Wafer diameter
(substrate size)
Up to 300 mm
Alignment modes Top side alignment: ≤ ±0,25 µm
Bottom side alignment: ≤ ±0,5 µm
IR alignment: ≤ ±2,0 µm / substrate material depending
Exposure setup Hard contact / soft contact / proximity mode / flex mode
Wedge compensation Fully automatic - SW controlled
Exposure options Interval exposure / flood exposure
Advanced alignment
Automatic alignment
Darkfield alignment capability / full clearfield mask movement (FCMM)
Large gap alignment
Run-out control alignment
System control Operations system: Windows
File sharing & back-up solution / unlimited no. recipes & parameters
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR
Real-time remote access, diagnostics and troubleshooting

​Source: EV Group 

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