Cambridge Viscosity VISCOpro 1600 Viscometer

In process environments, ensuring proper viscosity is a key success factor. You need an accurate, reliable, and durable in-line viscometer capable of monitoring fluid resistance without requiring a lot of operator involvement or maintenance.

You need the Cambridge Viscosity VISCOpro1600 viscometer. Used alone or in a multi-channel configuration controlled by a touch-screen display, the VISCOpro1600 provides round-the-clock monitoring you can rely on.

The VISCOpro 1600 viscometer is a compact workhorse instrument for applications where minimal operator involvement is desired.

It features built-in optional LCD display with readout in centipoise, cSt, or SSU for monitoring of critical fluid conditions. It also can be connected to a PLC controller for seamless integration into a proprietary data management system. The unit’s sensor and electronics are encased in an explosionproof housing for durability and reliability.

Thanks to Cambridge Viscosity’s patented technology, only a very small amount of fluid (1 ml) is required to assure an accurate reading. Because of the small sample size and its automatic operation, the VISCOpro 1600 helps to maximize the efficiency of your process line and minimize waste. In addition, it works with any Cambridge Viscosity in-tank or in-line 300 series or 500 series sensor, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of high-quality, maintenance-free options.

Optional Display The optional explosion-proof display (right) clearly shows viscosity and temperature readings for each line or tank.

VISCOpro 1600 Features

  • Continuous monitoring of viscosity, and temperature
  • Two 4-20mA outputs for remote recording
  • Two analog outputs and RS485 communication
  • Compact, explosion-proof systemt
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Readout in centipoises, cSt, or SSU
  • Optional LCD display

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