SYSTAG Calo 2310 Calorimeter

A new, universal range of Reaction Calorimeters for Safety Investigations and Scale-Up. All Calorimeters Calo 2310 eco, base and pro are suitable for Safety Investigations as well as Scale-Up Applications.

Three Instrument Classes

Calo 2310 eco
With on-line display of A, U, cp in the Blue Window Isothermal heat flow Calorimeter, best choice at entry level for safety investigations and Scale-up applications.
Calo 2310 base
With on-line display of output and heat of heat-flow, displays A, U, and cp in the Blue Window Universally suitable, non-isothermal heat flow Calorimeter with automated „Zero Watt" Base-line function for experienced user, capable of performing complex assignments.
Calo 2310 pro
With on-line display of output and heat of heat-flow and heat-balance as well as A, U and cp in the Blue Window Combined heat flow and heat balance Calorimeter with automated "Zero Watt" Baseline in non-isothermal mode. The professional Calorimeter for the complete range of reaction mechanisms.

Other Equipment