Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester from FIE

'DT' portable Rockwell Hardness Tester is developed to meet the demands of a light weight instrument which can be used to carry out by a universally recognised method of hardness testing.

Rockwell Method :

  • This hardness tester can be used in variety of applications and is readily adjustable to a wide range of sizes and shapes which are difficult to test in a standard table model hardness tester.
  • The machione os designed for carrying out Rockwell tests comparable to table model hardness tester because, the basic things, such as shape of penetration, measurement and loads are same in both systems.
  • The photograph on the back side gives the general arrangement of the hardness tester.
  • The system carries a weight bar pivoted at central point. When the load is applied by the loading screw, at one end of this weigh bar, it is deflected and theother end of this bar carrying penetrator forces down into the testspecimen. This deflection of weight bar which is proportional to the applied load is indication of the loading dial indicator. Besides this loading dial indicator, there is one penetration measuring indicator which masures the actual penetration of the penterator into the test specimen. The hardness value of the specimen is read directly on this indicator.

Other Equipment