blueGeiger PG-15

The blueGeiger PG-15 is a small stand-alone device which is very simple to use and is designed for determining normal background radiation levels and responding to high levels of gamma, beta, and X-Ray radiation. It is a compact Geiger counter which can be linked to an Android smart phone through Bluetooth.

Key Features

The key features of the blueGeiger PG-15 are:

  • It consists of three buttons which are used for covering function, menu, and mode selections
  • A large backlit LCD display is provided for displaying menu options and readings.
  • Icons are present for determining alarm status, event, battery level and mode
  • A built-in sounder is powered by one or two AA cells which can run up to 60 h based on the type of battery and functions selected. It is covered with a tough polymer case having rubberised grip edges.

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