Pancake Detector for Contamination Detection

The detector available from includes the Model 3007A Traditional Geiger Counter that has been built with the Model 360 External Pancake Probe. The detector has been specifically developed for frisking and contamination detection purposes.

The bottom unit of the Model 3007A functions as a hand-held survey meter that offers three operating ranges reading on a twin scale by approximately 30,000 CPM or 50 mR/hr. Alternative readout is provided in CPS or uSv/hr. A splash proof speaker in the survey meter creates perceptible clicks. This sealed speaker requires a 9-volt battery to operate and can be switched off in case the meter is left on by mistake. This helps in conserving the other D batteries to continue the operation of the meter.

A straight cable with BNC/BNC fittings is integrated in the instrument to link the survey meter to the probe. In spite of a conventional design, the survey meter is a contemporary unit that features advanced transistorized electronics. It has been calibrated as per the industry standards.

The specifications of Model 3007A Survey Meter for Detector are provided in the table below:

Optional readout uSv/hr and CPS
Operating ranges 0 to .5 mR/hr; 0 to 5 mR/hr; 0 to 50 mR/hr; 0 to 300 CPM; 0 to 3000 CPM; 0 to 30000 CPM
Linearity ± 20%
Accuracy ± 20%
Warm up time None
Response time 5 second time constant
Relative humidity Rng 20% to 95%
Temperature range - 10 to + 50° C (14° to 122° F)
Audio Readout Speaker; clicking type headset is optional
Visual Readout Easy-to-read 2.62" round meter
Controls 4 position selector switch (off; x1; x10; x100); battery check and speaker on/off switch
Detector Voltage 920 V
Power One 9 V cell for speaker (NEDA 1604-A or equal)
Batteries 2 standard “D” cells (1.5 V)
Calibration Pre-calibrated at the factory
Connectors Microphone connection for optional headset; BNC for probe connection
Case Rugged Aluminum body and cover
Dimensions 4"W x 9"L x 5" H.
Weight 4.5 lbs. including detector
Polyurethane enamel

The Model 360 Pancake Probe has been developed for contamination monitoring purposes. The extended handle allows for frisking surfaces in complex locations without spoiling gloves or hands.

The pancake detector with its proximity to the probe’s front surface provides improved efficiency for Alpha and feeble Betas, and offers ultra sensitivity to Gamma and X-radiation of low energy. The thin mica window with just 1.8 to 2.0 mg/cm² thickness helps in tracing Alpha radiation down to 3.0MeV when near to the window, as well as in detecting Gamma or X-ray radiation greater than 6keV and Beta radiation greater than 35keV.

The specifications of Model 360 Pancake Probe are provided in the table below:

Background ~25CPM
Radiation detected Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray
Sensitivity Detects alpha as low as 3.0 MeV; beta > 35 keV; and gamma > 6 keV through window
Window Mica 1.8-2.0 mg/cm²
Maximum altitude 7,500 ft
Temperature range - 20° to + 55° C (- 4° to + 131° F)
Window diameter 44.5mm (1.75")
Detector handle angle ~25 degrees
Detector head diameter 2 3/8" (6.0cm) 1(2.5cm)
Detector handle length 8 1/2”
Detector head thickness 1" (2.5cm)
Detector overall length 11 1/4"(28.6cm
Detector weight 14 oz. (400g)
Distance between window and probe surface 0.125” (3.2mm)
Material of detector housing Aluminum

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