Venus and Venus E Digital Multi-Channel Analyzers from Itech Instruments

The Venus/E is a digital spectrometer which is connected directly to photomultiplier of an NAI, CsI, Lanthanum Bromide or other scintillation detector. It includes the high voltage power supply for voltages up to 2000 V, the preamplifier, an 65MHz sampling ADC and digital signal processing.

The Venus/E communicates with the computer over an Ethernet connection. It is powered over PoE. Alternatively, the Venus/E can also be used with an USB connection.


The specifications of the Venus and Venus E are:

  • Power Supply - Using USB, <500 mA depending on the HV current needed by detector
  • Sampling ADC - 12 bits, 20-65 MHz sampling frequency, user selectable
  • Spectrum Size - 256-4096 channels, user selectable, 32 bits per channel
  • Detector Connection - Standard JEDEC B14A connector, Digital I/O Connector, DB15 HD type connector, USB 2.0 high speed (480 MBits/s) , 6 programmable digital inputs/outputs (0V/3.3V)
  • Max. Count Rate - PHA mode: >1 million counts/s,List mode: >200000 counts/s
  • High Voltage -0-2000 VDC (positive)

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