BT Technology Offers Melt Flow Index Testers and Accessories

BT Technology offers two types of melt flow systems, which can be employed to determine the flow characteristics of a variety of polymers. Models include AD-S-BA-000 Melt Indexer (Method A) and AD-S-BA-500 Melt Indexer (Methods A & B). The company offers a wide range of options to support these systems. Both systems comply with ASTM D1238 and D 3364 standards.

Key Features

The product features of the melt flow Indexer are:

  • Digital temperature input system
  • 32 bit micro processor temperature control (+/- 0.100C) and display system
  • Digital display with membrane touch type panel for all program inputs
  • Temperature are displayed on instrument front
  • Automatically checks RTD for open shorts
  • Over temperature alarm and cut off
  • Five program memory and memory battery backup for entire system
  • Electronic eye for calculating Method B flag
  • 20 program memory (in AD-S-BA-500 Melt Indexer)
  • Can be fitted with a pneumatic lift option to handle heavier weights
  • Base materials are made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Stainless steel packing and clean out tool kit
  • Stainless steel piston with removable hardened tool steel tip
  • Heavy duty power supply
  • Four wire 100 Ohm platinum RTD for temperature control
  • Line cord with fuse, power filter and on-off switch

Other Equipment