177da Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine from A.J.T. Equipment

Designed to customer specifications specifically for proof loading and destruction tests that require data logging.

Straining Unit

  • Long stroke hydraulic cylinder with double acting ram.
  • Piston head and cylinder ends fitted with low friction seals.
  • Pulling ram terminates in a fixed clevis jaw, with a similar arrangement on the moving carriage.

Load Control Console

  • Data acquisition
  • Records load, time, extension and related data.

Load Cell

  • Located between the pulling clevis and pull ram and strain gauge tensile load features a multi bridge with temperature compensation and close zero balance.
  • Calibrated in accordance with International Standard ISO 7500-1: 2004

Test Bed

  • Machine is fully guarded; fixed plates at base of bed.
  • Hydraulically operated or manual hinged guards at the top of the bed section

Other Equipment